The Cryptic Crew

Cryptic Pizza opened in the spring of 2023 by pizza enthusiast Kyle “KJ” Jordan.

Located on Solomons Island in a renovated house over 100 years old, Cryptic Pizza is bringing a unique twist on everyones favorite food to Southern Maryland. Influenced by the neighborhood pizza joints of Brooklyn and traditional Italian cuisine, Kyle is delighted to bring high-quality pies with a touch of city flair to the locals and visitors of the island.

Kyle grew up in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Like most children, he had very picky eating habits growing up and, ironically, had quite a distaste for pizza. Thankfully, this would fade as he honed his culinary knowledge working in a wide variety of restaurants throughout Los Angeles and Brooklyn.

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kyle visited home and he, like many of us during that time, desperately needed a creative outlet. He began making pizzas for friends and family in the neighborhood which quickly snowballed into a small business.

Using his love for video games, fantasy/sci-fi/horror films, and Dungeons & Dragons as inspiration, Kyle is excited to share his pizzas on a larger scale with the rest of Southern Maryland.